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Group Clinic Programs

The following clinics deliver our curriculum in a group setting, with an added emphasis on learning through competition. We use small sided games to apply the point of the workout into a game setting. We focus on one particular point monthly. They are split between the Senior Program (Ages 15-and-over) and the Junior Program (Ages 14-and-under). 

Senior Program
Advanced Basketball Curriculum 

The Senior Program is for athletes aged of 15 and above. It is intended for High School Varsity and college basketball players. This group is for intermediate-advanced players. 

The program is delivered in two-hour blocks and demands good physical condition and mental focus. The program usually progresses from performance enhancement to a ball handling workout, before a teaching session on the monthly point leads to competition. Teaching points range from Triple Threat, Pivoted Finishing, Defensive Fundamentals, Set-Up Dribble and Dribble attacking and more in the Next Level Basketball curriculum. 

Senior Program
Shooting Sessions 

These one-hour workouts are designed for intermediate-advanced High School Varsity and college athletes who are seeking to maintain a degree of rhythm on their jump shot through form shooting and repetition. In addition, the last half of the clinic is devoted to game specific shooting and/or competitive drills. This program is not for beginners or players with under developed shooting mechanics. 

Junior Program 
Rising Stars

The Rising Stars clinic within the Junior Program is for middle school players between the ages of 11-14. The program is meant for intermediate-advanced level players, however, a mentally focused and mature athlete who is in the beginning stage may be accepted provisionally if he demonstrates those qualities.

The program progresses through monthly teaching points so as to register the information in the young players. 

Junior Program 
Pee Wee Fundamentals – Advanced

The Pee Wee Fundamentals Advanced clinic is meant to serve players aged 5-10 who demonstrate an advanced understanding of the game of basketball, sufficient conditioning and basic physical skill. 

Junior Program 
Pee Wee Fundamentals – Beginner 

Just getting started?  No problem. The Pee Wee Fundamentals Beginner group is meant to initiate elementary school aged players to the game of basketball. These basic fundamentals are the foundation they will carry with them to the next level in middle school. Players will learn to dribble and pass with both hands, understand the games basic rules, work with discipline and finish at the basket. 

Private Training Program

Private Basketball Training – General

Private Basketball training with Next Level Basketball gets players a personalized teaching environment. The sessions move at the pace that best suits the athlete, and no skills progression is moved on from before it is mastered. Private Basketball training is available to all ages. 

Private Basketball Training – Shooting

We believe the most coveted skill in the game of basketball is shooting. The ability to space the floor is a key tenet in any advanced basketball offense. These private basketball training sessions are 100% focused on teaching shooting mechanics and proceeding to repetitions soon thereafter. We believe that rhythm is more crucial than mechanics to a good shooter, so long as basic fundamentals are followed. We want our players to be put in the best possible position to make jump shots that is a fit for their athletic ability. Our shooting curriculum includes balance training warm ups from our performance enhancement curriculum. 

In Your City

Interested in having coach Jay Ramos or coach Serg Arzanov lead a clinic in your city? Interested in having a member of our staff lead you through a few private workouts in your city? 

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